Thread: struct pair - Please Help!

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    Unhappy struct pair - Please Help!

    Ok, I am baffled! I have seen the error "cannot access private member" before, but never "cannot access public member" and I am clueless as to how to fix this ailment!

    The error:
    C:\Program Files\DevStudio\VC\INCLUDE\utility(14) : error C2248: 'Square::Square' : cannot access public member declared in class 'CMainWnd::Square'
    My definition of struct Square:
      struct Square {
        int col;
        int row;
        Square(int c=-1, int r=-1) : col(c), row(r) { }
        void Set(int c, int r) { col = c; row = r; }
        bool isValid() { return col >= 0 && row >= 0; }
    My typedef of ThreatPair:
    typedef pair<Square, ThreatSquare> ThreatPair;
    The above error occurs wherever I instantiate a ThreatPair.. I'm simply doing it like this (to try figuring out the error):
    ThreatPair tp;
    And the error points to the line of the default constructor of the pair template in the stl `utility` file... What's going on??? Please assist!

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    Looks like you declared Square inside your CMainWnd. Try declaring Square outside of CMainWnd (VC++ doesn't handle embedded class's well) or do something like this:
    typedef CMainWnd::Square MySquare;
    and use MySquare instead of Square.


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    That fixed it...

    Thanks much Codeplug!

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