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    game programming gurus

    I was looking back through the past posts, right back from the

    beggining actually and I came across a post about a book called



    Andre Lamothe - SAMS PUBLISHING

    In this post the author stated how good this book was and

    how it taught him win32 API programming in 2 weeks!

    This sounds far - fetched, and two weeks is way too short for

    any normal people(!) but I aquired this book and I think it should

    be recommended to ANYONE who is starting out in win32 progra-


    I say this because it gives a very good angle on things that

    tend to float around in your mind and make it hard to put it all

    together when you attempt your early programs.

    The book moves steadily into odedicated game programming

    but not before the reader will have a thorough and most importa-

    ntly, robust, understanding of the ilk.

    So I just thought I would reinterate what the post from long

    ago because I can say that this book, along with the standard

    resources will really help you!

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    It is not possible to learn the Win32 API in 2 weeks. I don't know the book. It may cover a small subset of the API in two weeks, then so do a lot of others.

    ANY book that promises to teach you the Win32 API in 2 weeks has got to be suspicious.

    Post reads like an advert! You don't work for SAMS do you!
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    Well you may be right, that is , you may finish(READING a book)
    like win programming by petzold (1400) pages in 2 weeks.

    just like you may read a novel.

    but working out and figuring out the details is another story.

    to prove to yourelf do this :
    read a win API book like petzold win programming in 2 weeks.
    (upto the end including internet stuff).

    then close the book & write and without refering to it
    a simple hello window(if ambitious you can do a MDI window
    with a few sub windows) .

    if you could do that(report the result back to this thread), then that must be a magic book, worth double its current price .

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    Yeah, its practically impossible to learn it entirely that fast, I have petzold's book, and only reading abit at a time, and fully understanding it, im only like halfway through the book in 2 months, and have a feeling the MDI and internet stuff will take awhile to get done.

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    I agree!

    I agree totally with what you blokes are saying. What I meant

    to convey in my original post was that the book explains things

    to a newbie in a good way. It won't teach you what's going on

    behind the scenes or hardly any of the APIs, but it really helped

    me get a handle on the whole structure of a win32 program.

    That, I think is a stumbling block for many newcomers.

    The author of the book made no claims whatsoever, I meant the

    author of the post made the claim of learning win32 in two weeks!

    Sorry for the confusion...!
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    I had purchased Tricks of The Windows Game Programming Guru's, along with twelve other popular newly published books. I must say that this book is the best and easiest to understand. I highly recommend it to anyone learning to program. About learning in two weeks, well I could tell you I have been reading that book for three months now. It probably only would have taken me a week to read from cover to end, and I think im of average intelligence, but to thoroughly understand each chapter in its entirety, I had to read each about ten times. I am just now, after three or four months finishing my 2D graphics engine for an RPG I am making. I think I have been learning to programming now for about seven months - so I think im moving along quite nicely. Anyways, just thought I would add my 2 cents worth and let people know I personally think it is the best book availible.

    PS: And No I don't work for Sams Publishing!
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