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    Hello, I have a problem understanding something. Am am just starting out with the Win32Api and think it's fun to work with, but I am trying to do it in an object orientated way. The main problem is that my friend told me I will need to make winmain() into a static function. Could someone please give me a simple explanation of what a static function actually is?? Thanks!!

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    A static function has internal linkage. That means it can only be seen in the file it is declared in.

    I actually think you mean a static member function.
    This is a member function of a class that is declared static. It cannot access any class data that is held on a per - object basis.It may access static class data though. When accessing a public static function you do not need an object. because they follow normal function pointer calling convention rather than _thiscall you can use a static member function as a WNDPROC.
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    And the FAQ is here :-

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