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    Angry How to show a window

    I got stuck into MSVC6 an need a little help here.
    In my project, dialog based, I need to display some data and
    want to do this in a scrollview window.
    I have added a new class, based on CSrollview, to my project
    and the wizzard has added a .cpp and a .h file to the project.
    So far so good (?).
    My question is: how do I show this window ?
    All my attempts has resulted in errors.

    Who can put me on the right track here ?


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    Your are hitting some really broad subject matter here. I suggest that you get a good MFC book if learning MFC is what you want. If you have a book/tutorial and you are still having troubles with what you're trying to do, you will need to post some code and detatails of exactly whats not working.
    You could even zip up your entire project and post it so that some MFC guru's round here can let you know exactly what's up.


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    I am shure that this is a problem where more beginners
    bump into.
    It would be highly appreciated if anyone could give me a hint
    where to start.


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    The reason nobody is really able to give you a start with a solution, is that you have not given anybody here a start with the problem. You say it gives errors, but you don't even say if the errors are run time or compiler/linker errors!

    There could be literally thousands of reasons your code doesn't work, and you are asking people here to pick one of them. Doing so could easily send you off in the wrong direction.
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