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    How would I know or check to see if I have the correct libraries installed to access certain header files, classes and functions. For example, I try to use GDI+ to display an image, the page from msdn told me I need gdiplus.lib imported and include gdiplus.h. Whenever I #include gdiplus.h I get an error message saying that file does not exist. How do I check and import the library if necessary. For future reference, how do I check for other libraries and functions as well???????


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    That would be compiler specific in both cases. If you are using, eg.
    msvc6, you would set the paths in Tools->Options->Directories.

    It would be a very helpful if you could say what compiler you are using.

    If you have downloaded and installed the gdi+ libs/headers in your 'normal' include/lib directories then you should not have any problems; just #include <gdiplus.h> and make sure you link with the gdiplus.lib

    >>For future reference, how do I check for other libraries and functions as well???????<<

    You look in the 'include' and 'lib' directories of your compiler installation and see whether or not the files exist. For functions - look in the relevant header file.

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    You need to go here and download the core SDK to get the GDI+ headers, libraries and DLL's.


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    Thank you

    Thank you for the replys
    They were helpful. I am installing the core SDK right now. I don't believe I had the SDK. Once again thank you.


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