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    Clear Screen Code

    Can someone please explain this function? I found it in one of the threads on this forum, but I can't decipher it.

    void clrscr()
       COORD coordScreen = { 0, 0 };
       DWORD cCharsWritten;
       DWORD dwConSize;
       HANDLE hConsole = GetStdHandle(STD_OUTPUT_HANDLE);
       GetConsoleScreenBufferInfo(hConsole, &csbi);
       dwConSize = csbi.dwSize.X * csbi.dwSize.Y;
       FillConsoleOutputCharacter(hConsole, TEXT(' '), dwConSize, coordScreen, &cCharsWritten);
       GetConsoleScreenBufferInfo(hConsole, &csbi);
       FillConsoleOutputAttribute(hConsole, csbi.wAttributes, dwConSize, coordScreen, &cCharsWritten);
       SetConsoleCursorPosition(hConsole, coordScreen);
    Thanks in advance.

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    I do understand what it does, but not how it does it.

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    You can look up each function here. Like GetConsoleScreenBufferInfo().

    Also, Windows specific questions should go on this message board.


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    What don't you understand?

    The screen of a console is simply a buffer of characters. What that code does is gets the buffer, replaces the buffers existing contents with spaces then homes the cursor.
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