I have some question about how to play VCD,DVD and detect CD type in the CDROM.

1. About how to play VCD, DVD, I saw mciSendString() and mciSendCommand() can be use. But I don't know how to set the paramater about this two method. Can any body tell me how to do this?

[Method1]:It can eject CD, but how to change the string paramater to play, pause, previous, next VCD,DVD.

@@mciSendString ("Set cdaudio door open", NULL, 0, NULL);

[Method2]:Compiler will be error.

@@#include <windows.h>
@@#include <Mmsystem.h>

@@typedef struct {
@@@@@@DWORD dwCallback;
@@@@@@DWORD dwFrom;
@@@@@@DWORD dwTo;

@@MCI_PLAY_PARMS *pMci_Play;
@@unsigned long err;

@@MCIERROR mciSendCommand(

2. About How to Detect CD type in CDROM, I saw get_MediaStatus() can be use.

[Method]:Compiler is error.

@@Get Media Status
@@MEDIASTATUS pMediaStatus;
@@UINT MediaResult = get_MediaStatus(pMediaStatus);
@@switch (MediaResult)
@@case MS_INSERTED :
@@ MessageBox("MS_INSERTED");
@@case MS_REMOVED :
@@ MessageBox("MS_REMOVED);
@@case MS_LOADING :
@@ MessageBox("MS_LOADING");
@@case MS_UNKNOWN :
@@ MessageBox("MS_UNKNOWN");