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    Borland Builder questions

    I'm using Borland Builder 5 and I (being the newbie that I am) don't know how to do some things (well many things, but...)

    Question #1
    I have two forms the main form and a form which I want to be opened through a button on the main form. How would I open this 2nd form in the button's click property?

    Question #2
    I have a list box on my Main form, I can add files to this list using the add dialog, but now I want to be able to add files by dragging from the explorer. How would I go about doing this? (I could not find on the help files how to accept files from outside)


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    OK, here we go:

    Question 1:
    Say, you have MainForm and Form1. You want a button called MainForm->Button1 to open Form1. Then choose MainForm.cpp, Go File-->Include Hdr, then choose Form1.h. Make MainForm visible, then doubleclick on the Button1. MainForm.cpp appears (you can see that a new function is added to the code and the cursor focused on it). Then write:


    Save and compile...

    Question 2:
    I'm not sure about that... It's long time since I used BCB, but isn't there any property like EnableFileDrop or something? If you find something similar just turn it on (set it to true). Otherwise I don't know.
    The OS requirements were Windows Vista Ultimate or better, so we used Linux.

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