Thread: How to get Text Width and Height?

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    Unhappy How to get Text Width and Height?

    Hi, all

    How do you get the exact width and height (even if the user has increased or decreased the DPI settings) of a single-font multi-line text without drawing it? Do you use GetCharWidth32 for this process or are there better ways? Could you please demonstrate this process in code please =)
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    One solution is LOGFONT structure.


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    i think you can do something like GetDialogBaseUnits and take the hiword and loword of that to get x and y heights and widths of those.

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    lesee If I remember right:

    int xchar,ychar; // to store the values
    xchar = tm.tmAveCharWidth;
    ychar = tm.tmAveCharHeight + tm.tmExternalLeading;

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    There is also

    GetTextExtentPoint32(hdc , sBuffer, lstrlen(sBuffer), &Size);

    which will use the currently selected font (in the hdc) and contain the strings (sBuffer) length and width.
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