Thread: Adding A Toolbox in A dialog box.

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    Adding A Toolbox in A dialog box.

    How Do I add a Toolbar To A Dialog(Created Using App Wizard) ?

    I Tried To Create Use The LoadToolbar() Function To Load The Toolbar Resource......Nothing Happen.

    Then I Use The SetButtons() Function To Set The Buttons.........Nothing happen.

    I Tried To Look For Books On How To Add Toolbar To Applications But They All Use The CFrameWnd Class Derived Application To Show It. I Succeed In Adding A toolbar To An Application Derived From CFrameWnd Without Using The App wizard(Just Hand Typed.)

    But Dialog.......I Just Could Not Do it. (So Sad!)

    There Is A Way To Add Toolbar to Dialogs But I Do Not Understand The Given Example In The Msdn CD.

    If You Know How, Can You Explain In Details To Me ?
    I Am Ready To Learn, Just Hopping That Some Expert Is Ready To Teach.

    If You Can Help But Find That This Subject Requires Too Much Space, Please E-Mail To Me At
    Thank You So Much.

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    Without using some form of C++ or the MFC, toolbars are harder.

    I have one on my MDI main window, not a dialog.
    After I created trhe toolbar in the editor I first fill the TBBUTTON array with the details of the buttons.

    and SetWindowPos()
    then ShowWindow() and UpdateWindow()
    so it is redrawn.

    As I said all this is on a window not a dialog but they are the steps you need to take.

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    I understand your problem !
    Your problem lies in your forgetfulness.
    Your use:


    AND THIS!!!!!
    m_ToolBar.MoveWindow(CRect) !

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