Thread: new to Win32..need help on DLL's

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    new to Win32..need help on DLL's

    ok...i just started WIN32 programming and new someone to clarify this for me

    What is the diference between the Kernel32.dll, User32.dll, and GDI32.dll??

    I think the kernel32 deals with the operating, user is user interface as in mouse/keyboard? and GDI is graphic device interface as in

    thanks...a long explanation would be nice...but try to be in plain english..thanks
    nextus, the samurai warrior

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    kernel32 handles i/o, manages memory and interrupts.

    user32 handles a lot of windows functions like GetWindowRect, MoveWindow, etc.

    gdi handles graphics stuff like creating/manipulating dc's, bitmaps, etc.

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    These three DLLs are the "big three" in the Windows API.

    • Kernel32 is the module that handles the processes and threads in the operating system. It contains functions for file I/O and memory management, as well as string and time functions. This module is needed to load Windows programs.
    • Gdi32 is the module for the Graphics Device Interface, a portable and device-independent interface that Windows uses to draw the graphics and windows in the system. HDCs used in the GDI identify the context of a graphics device.
    • User32 contains the basic user interface for Windows. This module contains window functions, messaging functions, keyboard and mouse functions, and other intrinsic Windows functions.

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    As a matter of fact many of the symbols exported by system dlls do little more than act as gates to kernel mode services, or they redirect to these what the dlls actually do is very little......

    Their main purpose is to export the API as its documented so that it will run (almost) the same on all Win32 Platforms.......

    Right now, the "innards" of these dlls shouldnt be a point of concern....see what the others have written and it will give you an idea of what APIs are exported from which dll

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