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    Question How to change control styles

    I have a project made with the MFC Apllication Wizard based on dialogs. I have ComboBox in it, connected with the CComboBox Class within the class-wizard.

    I use the style CBS_DROPDOWNLIST.

    Now I want to change the style in CBS_DROPDOWN at run time.
    I tried the functions ModifyStyle, ModifyStyleEx, SetWindowLong, but the ComboBox never changed.

    Please help mew if you have an idea.


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    don't know if this is possible, but you could always have a 2nd control, maybe created at runtime and destroy that pervious cbox. or you could have them both created at the same time and just keep the one invisible (with ShowWindow()) and vice versa and then back when you need the other one.

    but i dont know if you can directly change the style of a control at runtime. just a way around it if you want.

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    Sometimes, when you change a control's style, the visible changes are not effected until after a successful call to SetWindowPos (API). I'm not overly familiar with mfc but a quick check of msdn reveals that ModifyStyle/ModifyStyleEx(which you have tried) have an 'nFlags' parameter for calling SetWindowPos - have you tried setting the flags for this or tried calling the API function directly after you have modified the style?

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    Thanks for your solutions.

    (1) I'm still hoping their is away with one control, because otherwise I had to fill both boxes with a lot of data and it will take more memory.

    (2) Yes, I tried ModifyStyle, -Ex with the nFlags Parameter, but it doesn't work.

    I read in an Q&A paper that it is possible to change it at runtime, but the author didn't say how to do.

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