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    im wanting to find out about windows programming, how is it different from C or the like, I want a program that is able to revert the exe back, is that possible, otherwise, whats some good software programs i can use for windows, if its not specifically c, and can i possibly revert an exe back to its surce, is there programs that do that...



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    There are tools that claim that they can produce valid c from machine code but the loss of information ( ie meaningful variable names etc) will cripple any code produced and make it pretty illegible at best. my advice is forget it, you're seeking the holy grail of programming!
    As for windows programming in general start with a few web tuts (look in the directory) and then get a good book or two if you get on with it. Petzold's programming windows is a good bet for a windows starter book.
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    And the FAQ is here :-

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    here amongst other places, decompilers are a dead end.
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