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    Help creating a Bitmap

    I need help to create a Bitmap picture.

    The situation is like this:

    I am loading in an array with 16 bit values. Each of these values represent the color of one pixel. Each array represents one line of a bitmap image. And then I loop the program so that in the end, a whole picture is created on the screen.

    My problem is, what kind of API functions can I use to do this?

    I have looked at SetPixel() and Bitmap constructor, but I don't understand the whole process.

    Can anyone give me some tips?

    I'm using C++ in MFC.

    Hoping for a reply


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    If you load the array into memory, you can draw it to the screen using StretchDIBits. You'll need to fill out the BITMAPINFOHEADER of a BITMAPINFO structure first, specifying the size of the BITMAPINFOHEADER structure, width and height (Negative height if the array stores the top line first and the bottom line last), 1 plane, 16 bit count and zeroing the other members.

    Once that's done, you can call:-
    StretchDIBits(hdc, XDest, YDest, nDestWidth, nDestHeight, XSrc, YSrc, nSrcWidth, nSrcHeight, lpBits, &bi, DIB_RGB_COLORS, SRCCOPY);

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