Thread: Windows programs with no output

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    Windows programs with no output

    I decided to get back into doing some programming, and I thought I'd give some basic AI a try. The first thing I wanted to do was make a small utility that just applied some general AI concepts to an Operating System to observe a user's habits and change things a little to have things move a little faster. My question isn't about AI, but more about making the utility. What I'd like it to do is run in the background, but I'd like it to have one of those icons in the bottom-right hand corner - like MSN Messenger and programs like that do. How exactly do I ahieve this? I did a search on posts like this, and someone said that to get a program run as a service, you need to write a Windows program with no input. I tried doing that with my compiler (Borland Turbo C++ 4.5 for Windows), and just having it add 3 and 4, and do absolutely nothing with the answer, butit automatically made the program have a window that was just blank, so does anyone have any advice on how to accomplish this?

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    The small icons usually located at the bottom right corner of the screen are called "system tray icons" (do a Web search for more information). However, I believe this does require a window (it need not be visible) in order for the icon to show.

    Does this help?

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