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    List View problem

    I have a dialog based app, and on it I have a tab control. I have a couple of different tabs, and on each tab i have a List View control and a few other controls. When i open the program, and I click on one of the List-views(thereby giving it focus) and then minimize the program and restore the program, the whole list view goes grey. All of the other controls show up fine except the List Views. Also if i click on a different control(giving it focus), like a button, then minimize and restore the program, the list views show up fine. Can someone tell me how to make the list views show up correctly when you minimize and restore the program?

    Also another small question. How can you delete characters from a file using "fstream.h"?

    like if I have a file like this:
    hello good sir
    what a fine day it is
    yes indeed

    and while im reading from the file and the cursor is at "what" on the second line, how would i delete everything after this point, but nothing on the third line?

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    One solution is to override OnSize() and move the objects accordingly.


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