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    Question Menu Items in a dialog app MSVC++

    hey evbdy, Iam.TheJinx(who *cares);

    Tonight i am asking for a little help with menus in a dialog based app in MSVC++. No, I don't have the MSDN CD or anything, I, uh... copied the C++ cd. So, if I create a new menu resource, And set up all of the items i.e. File-> Open, Close, Exit, etc...
    How would I link them to functions (just a brief decription or even a link to a page will do) in my dialog-based app?
    Weeel, itss aboot tieme wee goo back too Canada, eeehy boyss.

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    If you don't have the CD, do you have the MSVC++ help? (Click on a line and push F1)

    If not I think you WILL need it.
    I could not program without it. (Who can remember the paramaters for all the functions/macros let alone the elements of their structures)

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