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    Question I have a problem in an EDIT box

    I am using an EDIT box. I have an INSERT -> *selection* menu, too. I want to insert the text "hi" plus the already-entered text in the EDIT box. When I declare: char newHTML, it says:

    293 starpage.cpp
    passing `char **' as argument 2 of `SetWindowTextA(HWND__ *, const CHAR *)'

    a bunch of times and i tried using a pointer like this:

    char *newHTML[600];

    case CM_INSERT_TR:
    GetWindowText(html, newHTML, 999999);

    newHTML = strcat(newHTML, "<tr>");

    SetWindowText(html, newHTML);

    But I get a "Performed Illegal Operation" error. What do I do?


    C++ Environment: MSVC++ 6.0; Dev-C++ 4.0/4.1
    DirectX Version: 9.0b
    DX SDK: DirectX 8.1 SDK

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    I believe that declaring

    char *sBuffer[64];

    gives you an array of 64 char pointers.
    Using sBuffer without an array refrence (sBuffer[12]) is a char * (pointer to the first element of the char array sBuffer). That is why the compiler is telling you you are sending in a char **.


    char sBuffer[64];

    with the same call to GetWindowText(). I would call GetWindowTextLength() first and use this as the max amount to copy into the string. (You can test/allocate mem to hold the string)

    ensure the HWND is of the control not of the dialog. Use GetDlgItem() if needed.

    I would also use sprintf() to 'join' the strings.
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