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    removefile or removedirectory

    Hi folks;

    lets say i have a file called "junkmail" that i want to remove and its located like this;

    C:\program files\junkmail

    would it remove "junkmail" by using removedirectory function or
    my worst nightmare "C:\program files\junkmail" ?

    or should i be using removefile function in this case and do i need to know the files reg key id in advance?

    ?did i make sense, I hope!

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    If you want to delete a file, why are you looking at RemoveDirectory()? RemoveDirectory() does that, it will delete the target directory, (the directory must be empty, i.e. you delete the files in the directory first, then the directory itself).

    To delete a single file use DeleteFile().
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    use _unlink(), or as adrian has said, DeleteFile()

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