Thread: how to define the variable of a edit box?

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    how to define the variable of a edit box?

    in MFC, i have a edit box, how to define the variable of the edit box??
    please help. thank you.

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    If you're using MSVC++, and the edit box is on a dialog box, then you could use the class wizard to add a member variable for you.

    OR use this :

    CEdit m_myEditControl;

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    >> the variable of the edit box

    The HWND?

    The int resouce ID? (ie 40001)

    The #define ? (ie #define IDC_MY_EDIT 40001)

    Mainly use the WS_CHILD style
    Set the HWND PARENT (to the window or dilaog whos callback will get the msg's)
    Cast the HMENU to the int resouce ID (or its hash define) ie (HMENU)IDC_MY_EDIT,

    In the callback of the dialog or window that the HWND PARENT belongs to you can then process command msg's for IDC_MY_EDIT.
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