Thread: Changing the colour of static text.

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    Changing the colour of static text.

    Hey, i'm trying to create a function that will change the colour of a string of static text by passing its resource ID. So far the function i have doesn't seem to be working but everything compiles fine with no errors:

    void SetStaticTextColour(HWND hwnd, WPARAM wParam, int ID, unsigned short r, unsigned short g, unsigned short b)
    	HDC hdcStatic = (HDC)wParam;
    	SetBkMode(hdcStatic, TRANSPARENT);
    	SetTextColor(hdcStatic, RGB(r, g, b));
    Any ideas?
    Not yet, have to think of one...

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    Try WM_CTLCOLORSTATIC message.

    edit: don't mind me i thought you had a different message in your post.
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    You can't just post the WM_CTLCOLORSTATIC message and then do your handling - you actually have to do your handling ON the WM_CTLCOLORSTATIC message.

    Also, the return value coming off of the message should be a new brush from CreateBrush() or one of the other brush-creating functions, which defines the background color (if you leave that out, only the actual text background will be changed, not the background for the control).

    search MSDN for more info.

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