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    Angry WIndows Install Fails...

    I formatted my old pc, an IBM valuepoint 486DX2, i installed dos 6.22 on it, then my cdrom drivers, so now when i start it up, it automatically load the cd rom drivers. So when i am in DOS, i want to install my windows onto the old pc. So i inserted the cd-rom of windows95, but when i run the setup.exe file it says it's gonna do a full system control before running the install. So i push the ENTER-button, and then it does nothing anymore. Just a black screen....
    I've tried the setup of windows 3.11, just the same problem.... WIN98 also! And when i run a setup of a newer version of DOS, it did the same ting again...I really don't know what to do! Somebody knows amore bout this?

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    This is windows PROGRAMMING, not oooo i have a problem with my pc can any of you guys help? thats what the tech board is for.

    Format again, use the win9x startup FLOPPY, make sure the cd is in, it will load into memory, then the cdrom don't need to do any of the crap you did, you basically screwed yourself.....that and win9x doesn't run well on 486's, just so you know.
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