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    I'm trying to have my program repaint in a loop, but it only waits until the loop is done to redraw. Here's my code:
    while( ftell( fIn ) < fileSize ) {
    	ZeroMemory( pszBuffer, 512 );
    	fread( pszBuffer, 512, sizeof( char ), fIn );
    	//do stuff
    	fwrite( pszBuffer, 512, sizeof( char ), fOut );
    	setProgress( progress + 512 );
    	RECT rect;
    	GetWindowRect(hWnd, &rect);
    	InvalidateRect(hWnd, &rect, true);
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    Basically you're posting a WM_PAINT message with InvalidateRect, however you are still doing stuff in a loop so the message isn't being processed. If this is in another thread then the code would probably work.

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