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    Post Win32 API

    I was told to move the thread from game programming forum to win programming! So here it is

    Anyone know some good links? I've searched on msn, but found everything (almost) for VB and some other stuff that explain things using c not c++ (tutorial wise).

    What I need is a really good tutorial on win32 api, that specifically tells the "story" in c++!

    resources will do fine too!


    I've learned some c++ (till the functions section only); and now want to do some win32 api. However, I'm not able to find any good resources. I do consider going to a book store and buying something, but books sometimes suck! I was thinking if someone could point out some good resources (not references,(I hate those)) like a newbie tutorial. But please keep in mind that I still have limmited knowlege of c++, as I said. I try to learn lots of things at once... opengl, sdl, c++. I'm not quite sure if i can do all this at once!


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    TheForgers tutorial at is pretty good. Of course, you already know that because you read the FAQ, the board directory and used the boards search option...

    And of course, having read the rules, you know not to crosspost...
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    Programming tools such as Win32 API and MFC are vase and take time and effort to learn and master. I highly recommend that you study from books.

    For Win32 API programming, I highly recommend Programming Windows by Charles Petzold.


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