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    cross version

    im in the process of making a short little windows app and i was looking for some input (this is where you post Fordy)

    couple questions

    i would like my app to be supported from 95-XP has there been any change in the XP registry or are the keys essentially the same?(looking to make my app run on startup)

    secondly i want to make the process run into the background... i have come across a couple methods but they all seemed slightly hackish

    that would be all and for the curious im just making a simple program to run only at certain times in the day and after the time interval kill the client

    that fan gets kinda loud under 100% load

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    Hmm...why me?

    Most of the Registry APIS work the same on Win95 as they do on WinXP.....though I have noticed on occasion that they can behave differently - sometimes code will choke on Win98 that works great on WinXP...any material differences between platforms are detailed on MSDN.....but I found the best way was to test on 1 NT platform (NT4,XP,2000) and 1 Crapware platform (95,98,ME) often works fine though - NT just adds a little extra functionality here and there, and can be a little more stern on what you do....

    For running in the background - just dont create a window or dialog.......but this often means that you cant interact with the app very easilly - and often you have to. Services are perhaps a better option - but they are more for NT platforms........

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    >>> NT just adds a little extra functionality here and there,

    Like the security stuff, that doesn't work with 9x. Basically I agree with Fordy though, the basic registry concepts have not changed much over the years.

    I still run a '95 system to check what I'm doing is compatible, not had a problem yet.
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