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    Angry how to detect multimedia keys

    I'm not sure my previous thread had a correct subject so I'm posting again. I know about not re-posting, but if nobody has a useful answer on this, soon it won't matter much ...

    So ... I'm trying to build a "driver" for multimedia
    keyboard capable of detecting multimedia keys.

    If anyone has any idea on how to do this, please
    answer. I need this because original driver performs
    poorly (had to tweak few registry settings).

    I tried with various MSDOS and Win-based progs,
    best results so far were detection that media keys has been pressed but no scan-code (code 255 shows up constantly).

    I know this can be done, I did it before on other computer platform and it is done on PC, under different OS (a rare variety of linux, but it is too much OT to explain it).


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    Version 1.0 by Stefan Peichl

    Scancode is a utility to find out the key scancodes using all three different methods to acquire a scancode. You can look into the keyborad buffer, use INT16 extended services or use INT16 normal services. Copyrighted freeware.
    Check for a more recent version on Stefan Peichl's homepage you download i think the source code for this

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