Thread: MFC Download?

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    MFC Download?

    Some one has probably asked this but, where could I download the MFC programming classes? I Visual C++ 6.0, but only 7.0 includes the classes, if anyone could help.

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    MFC is included with VC++ 6. I can't remember if there is an option in the install to not include it, maybe, if so, maybe that's what's happened, but it is certainly there - I've got it on the other screen in front of me!
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    MFC classes

    The library does come with VC6. you just have to tell the compiler to use the library. Go to the Project menu option once you have you project created and choose the settings. this will open hte setting for the current project. there is a tab for general settings and it is here you can tell compiler to use MFC library.
    Hope this helps

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