Hi there ! Anyone willing to unveil the secret of
direct keyboard access in a OS-friendly way ?

Why ? I have this nifty media keyboard but the "driver"
sucks big time. Now ya all may have already guessed it:
I wanna do a Win-friendly keyboard handler and thus
replace the simpleton that came with kb.

This may be too much for a beginner but I have few aces down my sleeve, so don't worry.

I already browsed the FAQs, searched here and the web,
gone to simtel for sources, but all I stumbled upon were
assembly sources for handlers. All of the in MSDOS
and example exe's didn't catch any on of the media keys.

Is there a way to get a multimedia key within Windows environment, using available Windows resources ?

PS: anyone has a URL to FAQ on how to reverse engeneer this keyboard driver software ? Just in case.