Thread: Help with code behaving differently with different computers...

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    Help with code behaving differently with different computers...

    Hey, I posted a couple weeks ago regarding this, and just got back from vacation. And whaddya know, same problem. The problem was that i wrote Tetris and it works perfectly on my computer, but on some other computers, it would throw some error right when clearing the first line. I've tried for a LONG time to explain what was going on, to no avail.

    So i have attached my source, and perhaps some of you could look through it and help me out?

    I'd really appreciate it. The compiled version of the game is also included in the zip along with the source.

    PS - the IDE i used to code this was Dev-C++, and "" is the name of the project


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    does nobody have any suggestions?

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    Don't bump your own threads. Doing so is likely to get them deleted.
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    On my computer, that's an AMD Athlon 1800+, running Windows XP, the program already compiled in the .zip ran but seemed to have a lot of bugs. For instance, only one kind of piece dropped the whole time, sometimes parts of the graphics would persist on the screen, and other bugs like that.

    I would be surprised if the problem was related to a person's hardware, it is likely related to graphical operations in different operating systems, ie, different drivers, graphics libraries, etc.

    If I get the time I'll look through the code and see if I can find anything wrong with it.
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    Thanks for your help, I found and fixed the bug. It was a simple error with an array going out of bounds, and for what thats worth, there were parts of the memory that were getting "shifted" which was causing the bug.

    Thanks to VC++'s debugger and thank you. No more for now


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