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    Starting window sockets

    I finally feel comfortable enough to move on up to sockets in Windows. I have searched and found a couple tutorials on sockets but most of which that are targeted towards windows all make use of the GUI. Since I don't know GUI programming I get confused on which parts are needed for sockets and which are needed for GUI. If anyone has any good tutorials that instruct the use of sockets under a Windows environment without the GUI feel free to post your links.

    Thank you.

    P.S. Brother and I share the same name and he knows a basic understanding of Sockets but only in *nix and I want to learn without his help. Pretty smart younger brother too

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    Windows sockets are mostly based on the sockets model employed by Unix (Berkeleys), so the same command sequence is required to create and use a socket.

    MFC provides a CSocket class, and a CAsyncSocket class which can be used. Its best to look them up on MSDN, or at least post a question on the Windows Programming board.

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    I think this site is pretty good for a beginner's winsock guide.

    On another note, has anybody noticed that this forum is getting more and more C++ code?

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