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    I'm having problems making directx applications. I'm using Dev-C++. When I try to compile the code in sunlight's tutorials, I get an illegal operation when I run the program. Even if the main function is empty, it dies before any code is executed. If I remove the DirectDrawCreateEx(NULL, (void **)&pDD, IID_IDirectDraw7, NULL); line, it runs fine, but that's probably the most important line in the program. What's the problem?

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    what are these sunlight tutorials?

    where can we get them so we can help you?


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    There used to be a link on this site, but it's not there anymore.
    I found it on google, the url is:

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    Hey, think of this... Do u have any directX header files, cpp files, or any of the components on your machine? I tried some directX, got a gig of some good tutorials and started to compile and, low and behold, i had to download like 120 megs of files. So... Check that out. If not, then maybe the "sunlight tutorials" are using a different directX version, different c++ app, or something else. Make sure that the tutorials are the right ones for your machine and versions etc...
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