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    Question DX9 Tutorials

    Wasn't Quite sure if this should go in Game or windows so i made an educated guess.

    Ok does anyone here know of an online Direct3D tutorial b/c i prefer not to use the ones that come with it b/c I have never found Microsoft tutorials to be the best to learn from and I have searched over and over again and so far have yet to find an online tutorial for it.

    If I cant find a tut I guess I will start the OGL again b/c it is pretty cool!

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    There's but that is just DirectX and not the new 9.
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    I liked this article very much, but it's about 2d programming using Direct3d. It might be good as a start on using alpha-blending, etc.
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    Does anyone know of this one search engine called Google that returns about 7,540 websites when you search for "direct3d tutorial" ?

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    sotty aboutthe wording i meant to write DirectGraphics b/c i said DX9 tutorials.
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