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    Question Window Procedure Question

    I have a window procdeure that I'm replacing for a RichEdit control.
    Everything seems to work accept for sending hot key messages to
    the parent window. Could someone take a look at my procedure
    to see if they spot the problem?

    Here's the window procedure:
    LRESULT WINAPI RichEditProc(HWND hwnd, UINT uMsg, WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam)
        case WM_RBUTTONUP:
          return 0;
        case WM_DESTROY:
          SetWindowLong(hwnd, GWL_WNDPROC, (DWORD) wpOrigProc);
          RemoveProp(hwnd, "oldproc");
      return CallWindowProc(wpOrigProc, hwnd, uMsg, wParam, lParam);
    This procedure is in a dll and it is not a normal Windows dll. It's
    written for Visual DialogScript. I'm thinking the LRESULT WINAPI
    could bw wrong, might need to be LRESULT PASCAL but I don't
    know for sure.

    I should mention what I mean about hot-keys. I mean, for example,
    the keys assigned to a menu item.
    Thanks in advance,

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    Shouldn't it be "LRESULT CALLBACK"?

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    knutso's right, but that probably wont change anything. shino, could you clarify a few things?

    1. what is eventproc?
    2. How is removeprop important in this context?
    3. just a tip, you dont have to reset the window procedure when the windows about to be destroyed.
    4. Why dont you just use a normal windows dll?

    If you want to send accelerator messages to the parent window, thats easy. when you receive the message in WM_COMMAND, just SendMessage to GetParent with the same ID. but im not sure if thats what you're after.
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    Thanks for everyones input. lol, sorry I figured it out. Forgot to
    initialize the common controls dll. duh!

    But to go ahead and answer BennyandtheJets questions:
    1) eventproc() sends the specified event to an application
    written with Visual DialogScript. VDS only supports generic
    controls. This dll will add a RichEdit control to the VDS

    2)RemoveProp() was removed.
    3)Thanks for the tip.
    4)In order to use a regular windows dll I'd have to make a
    "gateway" or "wrapper" dll for it to be utilized by the VDS

    As far as LRESULT CALLBACK goes, again, this isn't a regular dll.
    I'm just replacing the window procedure for this control, not the
    window procedure for the application that's calling the dll.

    Anyway, thanks again.

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