Thread: I tried searching first.. :D

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    I tried searching first.. :D

    I searched around, but couldn't find anything, so I guess I'll post. I've created a proggie that modifies registry keys for a game of mine (half-life). I'm running Windows 98, but my friend is running XP. I gave him the program, and it will query correctly, but it won't actually change the key. I assume the problem has something to do with the access rights to the registry with XP's security stuff... or something like that. Anyway, if you can help me out with some codin' that I can use to set the security settings (I can get his username 'n password if needed) so I can make a version of this program for him. Thx!


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    (the program works fine for me. didn't mention that.)


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    I don't think it has to do with security, because if the HalfLife program is able to modify the keys, your program should be able to do that as well.
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    I agree with Sang-Drax

    Check the return of each call to a registry API to see if it isnt ERROR_SUCCESS.....then investigate that function to see what you are doing wrong

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    How could the code be wrong if it works when i run it (Windows 98), but doesn't work when he or his bro run it (Windows XP)? Same program, but different results...

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    >>How could the code be wrong if it works when i run it (Windows 98), but doesn't work when he or his bro run it (Windows XP)?

    You have done something that has later been 'outlawed' by the newer version MS OS's. A common problem in larger apps.

    In Win98 your problem is not being caught but in XP it is.

    I regularly find things I can do in my apps on a Win98 OS that cause problems on the stricter Win2000 and WinXP platforms.

    Use Ford's suggestion on using GetLastError() to find WHERE the app fails. Then you can find WHY.
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    aight, i'll give it a try.. thanks for your help, guys.

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