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    dividing windows

    Say I wanted to divide a window into 2 halves, which would be the most efficent method to get a grey dividing bar across the window?
    I've tried varoius ways like drawing grey rectangles and creating long, thin grey windows without caption bars. But these methods are pretty clumsy, especially when it comes to resizing.
    Im just using the API at the moment so MFC is out, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hmm, how about two windows? Just have WM_SIZE messages align them. You know, have one WS_OVERLAPPED and another WS_THICKFRAME. Two functions to look into: ClientToScreen and MoveWindow.

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    I would use HDC's. Unless the two 'panes' required more windows functionality (ie menu, lots of controls ect)

    Create a compatible HDC for each 'pane' in the main window, as well as the HDC for the frame buffer (as the app starts).

    Paint the whole background grey, then paint each 'pane' over this grey background.

    Send this HDC to be drawn in response to a WM_PAINT msg.

    Delete the created HDC's on close.

    this way you can update seperate 'panes' independantly.
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    if your using MFC, take a look at CSplitterWnd
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    Put this in your WM_PAINT handler. hWnd is your window's handle and hdc is an HDC to that window.
    RECT rect;
    GetClientRect(hWnd, &rect);
    rect.left = rect.right / 2;
    DrawEdge(hdc, &rect, EDGE_BUMP, BF_LEFT);

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