Thread: how to link files?

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    how to link files?

    Im trying to build a project in the directx 9.0 sdk, and i keep getting this error.
    --------------------Configuration: CaptureTex - Win32 Debug--------------------
    LINK : fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file "..\..\BaseClasses\debug\strmbasd.lib"
    Error executing link.exe.

    CaptureTex.exe - 1 error(s), 0 warning(s)

    I read somewhere that i need to link this library file to the project, but how is this done in msvs 6.0? Also, i found a file in a near directory that was the same name, but in capital letters,STRMBASD.lib, could that be the problem?
    Im using Windows 2000 Pro, and msvs 6.0. Anything would be helpful

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    I am not sure about *.lib files but try putting it in the same directory as your source code.

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    I put that lib in the same folder, and even renamed it in small letters, but didnt help. Looked on msdn, it said something about i have to build the libray and then link it to mine. I opened the .dsw project, compiled, built it, no luck.i tried building both projects together, but gave me 25 errors.---->Lost. I am just now starting programming, if i have to do this much with a $1000 program, what would one go through with a free compiler?

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