Thread: How to modify a menu into a menu Folder(contains submenus) ??

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    How to modify a menu into a menu Folder(contains submenus) ??

    How to modify a menu into a menu Folder(contains submenus) ??

    i wrote this :

    HMENU tm = GetSubMenu( m, 0 );
    GetMenuItemInfo( tm, 0, true, &tINFO );
    // alright , no error. the tINFO is Ok. do what is here ??
    SetMenuItemInfo( tm, 0, true, &tINFO );
    AppendMenu( GetSubMenu(tm,0) , MF_STRING, 0, "Hello !" );

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    you'll have to elaborate on what you want to happen.

    if you want to make a menu with submenus, do this:

    HMENU hMenuBar; //the menu bar
    HMENU hMenuPopup; //A popup menu
    HMENU hNestMenu; //A popup within the popup
    hMenuBar=CreateMenu(); //Create the menu bar
    hMenuFile=CreatePopupMenu(); //Create popup
    hNestMenu=CreatePopupMenu(); //Create popup
    //Now just add one menu to another
    AppendMenu(hMenuBar,MF_POPUP|MF_STRING,(UINT)hMenuPopup,"&Menu 1");
        AppendMenu(hMenuPopup,MF_POPUP|MF_STRING,(UINT)hNestMenu,"&Menu 2");
    i know people will tell me that AppendMenu has been superseeded by InsertMenuItem, but its much easier to use.

    Okay, the basic idea is, you need a menu bar as a base. then you add items to it, either single items or popup menus. if you're adding a menu, specify MF_POPUP as well as MF_STRING. you always need MF_STRING because every menu item has a string.

    that should be adequate, unless you're using resources. in that case, i'll never speak to you again .
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    ok , thx, i got it . i will try later...

    this may be wrong ,
    >>> hMenuFile=CreatePopupMenu(); //Create popup

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    use resources!

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