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    DrawDIB Problem

    hello friends

    I am using DrawDIB to draw a Bitmap. If the size of the Bitmap increases. The scrolls become very slow. If the size oif the map is small then horizontal and vertical scrolling works fine. How can i load a large bitmap without effecting the scrolls.

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    Try experimenting with these;

    How are you drawing the image to the screen? BitBlt() or StretchBlt()

    Using a screen buffer (double buffer) system?

    Trying to scroll and draw to the screen at the same time, small increment at a time?

    Or calculating the WHOLE scroll distance then doing the drawing?

    Handling WM_ERASEBKGND msg's?

    Using InvalidateRect() with the bErase set to TRUE?

    Using GetUpdateRect() before your call to BeginPaint() to reduce the area draw?
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