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    CPU monitoring

    Does anyone know how to monitor the cpu usage of a process or thread? I think it has something to do with certain entries in the registry being modified by the system in real time, but I couldn't find those entries on my computer.

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    Forget the registry!

    Take a look at this function:
    BOOL GetProcessTimes(
      HANDLE hProcess,           // handle to process
      LPFILETIME lpCreationTime, // process creation time
      LPFILETIME lpExitTime,     // process exit time
      LPFILETIME lpKernelTime,   // process kernel-mode time
      LPFILETIME lpUserTime      // process user-mode time
    If you want other processs information, perhaps these functions are of interest:
    BOOL GetProcessIoCounters(
      HANDLE hProcess,           // handle to process
      PIO_COUNTERS lpIoCounters  // I/O accouting information
    BOOL GetProcessMemoryInfo(
      HANDLE Process,                          // handle to process
      PPROCESS_MEMORY_COUNTERS ppsmemCounters, // buffer
      DWORD cb                                 // size of buffer
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