Thread: Annoying SelectObject error!

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    Annoying SelectObject error!

    I am running the following function, and the bolded line is having this error:
    "ANSI C++ forbids implicit conversion from `void *' in assignment"

    Here is the function:
    void Board::RefreshBoard(Piece* currentPiece, HDC BoardHDC)
       bool check;
       HBITMAP hbmCurrentSq,hbmOld;
       HWND hwnd;
       HINSTANCE hInst = GetModuleHandle(NULL);
       hbmSquare[0] = LoadBitmap(hInst, "WHITEBMP");
       hbmSquare[1] = LoadBitmap(hInst, "GREENBMP");
       hbmSquare[2] = LoadBitmap(hInst, "YELLOWBMP");
       hbmSquare[3] = LoadBitmap(hInst, "REDBMP");
       hbmSquare[4] = LoadBitmap(hInst, "PURPLEBMP");
       hbmSquare[5] = LoadBitmap(hInst, "BLUEBMP");
       hbmSquare[6] = LoadBitmap(hInst, "ORANGEBMP");
       if(!hbmSquare[0] || !hbmSquare[1] || !hbmSquare[2] || !hbmSquare[3] || !hbmSquare[4] || !hbmSquare[5] || !hbmSquare[6])
           MessageBox(hwnd, "You hit a c!", "C baby", MB_OK | MB_ICONEXCLAMATION);
        for(int y=0; y<20; y++)
            for(int x=0; x<10; x++)
                if(theBoard[x][y] > 0)
                    HDC hdcMemory2;
                    hdcMemory2 = CreateCompatibleDC(BoardHDC);
                    hbmCurrentSq = hbmSquare[theBoard[x][y]-1];
                    hbmOld = SelectObject(hdcMemory2, hbmCurrentSq);
                    check = BitBlt(BoardHDC, x*17, y*17, 17, 17, hdcMemory2, 0, 0, SRCCOPY);
                    SelectObject(hdcMemory2, hbmOld);
                else if(theBoard[x][y] == 0)
    Basically I'm guessing this is returning a NULL because the SelectObject line is failing, but I don't know why it is failing. Someone tell me whats wrong! The reason I'm doing is is to try to free the default HBITMAP (from the last time it ran) that is returned everytime SelectObject runs.

    Please help!

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    The error message tells you both the problem and how to fix it: The return type from SelectObject is 'void*' (actually it's HGDIOBJ but that's probably defined somewhere or other as void*)and c++ forbids an implicit conversion ie it needs a type cast (an explicit conversion) to HBITMAP.
    HBITMAP hBmp=(HBITMAP)SelectObject(hdc,hOtherBmp);
    Or, using Fordy's inimitable style, you can just declare all your gdi objects as type 'HGDIOBJ' and never have to cast them again. Confuses the hell out of me, though.
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    Thanks Ken, but the funny thing is, I found that exact same answer from YOUR website, while I was looking at some code right after I posted that. Either way thank you!


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