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    HDC and HWND

    Can someone please explain to me what these things are (HDC and HWND)? I am having some problem with my program that is related to these...and I just want to know what they are and how they behave...any help or hints on how to use them correctly will be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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    The 'H' preceeding both meand Handle......

    HWND - Handle to window...this is your identifier for each window (and therefore control) created......

    HDC - Handle to device contect....a device context is an internal structure that hold information on how simple graphics are displayed on an output (pens, brushes, fonts....)...this output can be a screen, printer, plotter etc

    How to use them fills chapters in I cant give you a comprehensive example.......

    If you dont want a book, try some tutorials (do a board and try and for starters)...then look at MSDN

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