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    Question DNS Lookup

    I'm trying to write a function to do a DNS lookup which takes an IP address and finds the hostname corresponding to the IP as well as the ALIASES associated with this IP address since a single IP address may be associated with multiple domain names.

    I have reached as far as getting the hostname associated with the IP address but I have been unable to retrieve any aliases associated with this IP address.

    The code I have written so far is.....

    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;

    #include <winsock2.h>

    bool InitializeWinsock()
    WSADATA wsa;

    if( WSAStartup( MAKEWORD(2, 2), &wsa) != 0 )
    return false;

    return true;

    int main()

    char* ip = ""; // google

    // Convert IP to long.....
    unsigned int x = inet_addr(ip);

    if(x == INADDR_NONE)
    cout << "Cannot resolve IP address!" << endl;

    // Resolve IP address to hostname...
    hostent* h = gethostbyaddr( (const char*)&x, sizeof(x), AF_INET);

    if(h == NULL)
    cout << "Failed to get hostname!" << endl;

    // Print the hostname...
    cout << h->h_name << endl;

    // How to get aliases now?
    // This where I am stuck!

    return 0;

    I'm not sure that "" has any aliases associated with it but even if you choose a site that has an alias I still don't know how to retrieve that alias. If anyone knows how to get the aliases associated with an IP please help.

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    You've already gotten the aliases through the call to gethostbyaddr(). The HOSTENT struct contains a member named h_aliases:

    typedef struct hostent {
       char FAR* h_name;
       char FAR  FAR** h_aliases;
       short h_addrtype;
       short h_length;
       char FAR  FAR** h_addr_list;
    } hostent;
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