Thread: Errors when including winsock2.h

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    Errors when including winsock2.h

    I am relatively new to windows programming and this is my first attempt at using winsock, but this error has me baffeled.

    Using MSVC++ 6.0

    I #include "winsock2.h" but I get unresolved external symbol errors for any of the winsock functions I call. I don't get any errors for any of the structures. It's as if I am missing the definitions of the functions. (I assumed that including the header file would give access to the function definitions, since this is how the rest of my includes work)

    Also, if I move the #include "winsock2.h" to before the line #include "stdafx.h" (which MSVC put in there for me), then instead fo the linker errors, I get undeclared identifier errors for all the winsock functions instead. (not sure if this helps diagnose the problem or not)

    Any help is appreciated...

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    Add the winsock2 library to the project.

    - Project/Add Existing Item/
    - Add WS2_32.lib


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    Thank you VERY much, that was an extremely quick reply.

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