Thread: Visual Basic Problem (plz Help!)

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    Red face Visual Basic Problem (plz Help!)

    I developed a small program that creates Forms at Run time. for example: I have added a form(frmMain) at Design time; when I want to create a new form at Run time, I just create an instance of the frmMain and show the new form. I used Code: dim frmMain as new frmMain.

    But now I want to use buttons to show one of the forms. for example: I have created 3 forms at Runtime and Captioned: Form1, Form2, Form3 respectively. My Problem is: I want to Click one a Button that is captioned "Show Form1" to show the Form2. for clicking the Button "Show Form1", it will show the Form1. How will I do that? Plz Help!

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    Ditch VB and maybe we'll talk. I don't recall this being a Visual Basic forum...

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    Just create the forms you need, add buttons to your main form...and when each button is clicked, call Show on the form you wish to activate

    See attached

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    There's a frm2.Visible state. Just set that to true...

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