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    Machine Names

    How can I enumerate logged in machine names ?

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    Re: Machine Names

    Originally posted by wxccccc
    How can I enumerate logged in machine names ?
    Looking for machines on a network??

    Go to MSDN and lookup WNetOpenEnum & WNetEnumResource

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    Like this

    I asked the same question quite a while ago.

    heres the thread.

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    What I'm trying to do is run this off a server so that I can get:

    IP Machine Name
    ---- --------------------- Boss_Laptop Manager_HP

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    I found this example, but I have no idea how to use it !

    All i'd like is the machine names (maybe the usernames and ip addresses) in a simple 1D array of strings (or more depending the amount of info retrieved) .. so I can use it in a C# program...

    Enumerating Users
        dwPreferredSize = (sizeof(NET_DISPLAY_USER) + (3 * UNLEN) * s_iMaximumUserCount);
        pNDU = NULL;
        lError = NetQueryDisplayInformation(NULL,                  // NULL means LocalMachine
                                            1,                     // query User information
                                            0,                     // starting with the first user
                                            s_iMaximumUserCount,   // return a max of 100 users
                                            dwPreferredSize,       // preferred buffer size

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