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    GetOpenFileName() dialog box

    when using the GetOpenFileName() dialog, i've noticed that if the initial directory (even if one is not specified), is too deep within a tree of subdirectories, there is a delay of a few seconds after the dialog is shown till when it starts responding to user interaction.

    For example, when i dont specify an initial directory, the current directory of my workspace is 6 subdirectories deep in a hierachy, and there is the delay. as well, if the initial directory is close to the top of the tree, but you go deeper by clicking on folders, the delay occurs once you get to that certain depth.

    Something very odd is that once this delay occurs, it never happens again in that particular dialog, and it can happen in any subdirectory that is deep enough in a hierachy.

    I believe this may be something to do with how deep the dialog caches the file allocation tables for the drive. if this is the case, can someone tell me how to change the caching behaviour? otherwise, what is the solution?
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    I don't believe there is a solution, the same problem occurs when using windows explorer. You're right on why it occurs, but i'm sure if it was fixable in win 9x microsoft would have done it/found a way.

    To clarify, even if there is a solution, YOU can't fix it with your dialog, that part is handled by the windows code and there's nothing you can do about it.
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    damn, dont you hate these one replies that end it all?
    "you cant do anything about it" just ruins it all for an ongoing thread :-D gotta love it
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