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    Cool CPU Temp


    Does anyone know of a way to get the tempreture of the CPU? I know my motherboard supports it, but i need to get the reading in my program rather that the bios.

    Thanks in advance


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    Talking I've allways wondered that too!

    I've allways wondered how to do that... I think its some memory location (like most things). It may also be a part of windows registry but I dunno, its probably a good Q for the DOS section.


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    Undoubtedly this information lies at some memory location. You may be able to find this information in Ralf Brown's lists of interrupts, ports, memory, etc.

    I've browsed through the lists a bit and I've found this for many BIOS brands. Unfortunately there does not seem to be a standard as to where to store this information, so you will have to check the list and match it up with your BIOS. Some of the info on the lists is quite old and I'm not sure if it has any references to modern boards and BIOSes.

    The url for the site is:

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    There is a program you can download called Motherboard Monitor 5. It will keep your CPU temp and case temp at the bottom by your clock. I forget where I got it but just search google for it. GREAT program!


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