Thread: ActiveX(ATL) and IE

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    ActiveX(ATL) and IE

    ATL in itself is not terribly difficult with the wizard. I am attempting to make a plugin activeX control for IE. it works just fine except for the "PARAM" tags in IE. These should set properties in my control. I assumed that they would use the IDispatch::Invoke function to set them but it doesn't seem to ever work. I have debugged into the "put_image" function call (the param name is image) and it only gets there for dispid= -525 which is a standard property I guess. Is there something I am missing?

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    Just a wild guess: have you registered the ActiveX component(s) you've made?

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    ya. Control loads in the browser no problem. The PARAM stuff isn't calling the appropriate functions. Is the browser using IDispatch or some other interface?

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