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    Question gethostbyaddr

    If anyone here has ever used the function gethostbyaddr or gethostbyname can you pleas tell me how to use them

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    Here is a MFC snippet. I just made it in a hurry, to show you the usage of gethostbyname.
    The whole thing is in the OnOK event, as you see.
    The dialog contains a ListBox(multiline, control variable m_ListC, to display the data ) and an EditBox (control var m_EditV) to enter host name.

    void CGethostDlg::OnOK()
    // TODO: Add extra validation here
    hostent* aHostenPtr;
    CString aHostName;

    UpdateData( TRUE );
    if ( m_EditV.IsEmpty() ) // if no data entered, warn
    MessageBox( "Enter host name, please!","No host name entered", MB_OK );

    aHostName = m_EditV;
    const char* aHostNameChr = (LPCSTR)aHostName;

    aHostenPtr = gethostbyname( aHostNameChr );
    if ( !aHostenPtr )
    MessageBox( "gethostbyname failed!", "Warning", MB_OK );

    m_ListC.AddString( (LPCTSTR) aHostenPtr->h_aliases );
    m_ListC.AddString( (LPCTSTR) aHostenPtr->h_name );
    m_ListC.AddString( (LPCTSTR) aHostenPtr->h_addr_list[0] );

    UpdateData( FALSE );

    Whether with or without MFC, the function needs a hostent* as return type, and char* as param.

    That's all, hope this helps.

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