Thread: dlgdirlist can't get it to work

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    dlgdirlist can't get it to work

    I've followed every example and I can't populate a list box with a directory listing. I've tried it in list boxes on dialog boxes and everything, I just get ntdll errors.

    here's what I try to do with a CFormView:
    DlgDirList( "C:\\*.*", IDC_LIST1, 0, DDL_EXCLUSIVE | DDL_DIRECTORY);

    here's where it stops:
    _AFXWIN_INLINE int CWnd:lgDirList(LPTSTR lpPathSpec, int nIDListBox,
    int nIDStaticPath, UINT nFileType)
    { ASSERT(::IsWindow(m_hWnd)); return :lgDirList(m_hWnd, lpPathSpec, nIDListBox,
    nIDStaticPath, nFileType); }

    I have a list box control on a form view, I just want to be able to list directories, it's for an ftp program, any help would be greatly appreciated, thx

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    This isn't the same thing exactly, but this is what I use for file lookups. Maybe it will at least give you ideas.

    CString strFilter = _T("Text Files (*.txt) |*.txt||");
    CFileDialog dlg(TRUE, NULL, m_InputFile, OFN_HIDEREADONLY|OFN_EXPLORER, strFilter, NULL); 
    dlg.m_ofn.lpstrTitle = _T(" Select Input File");
    if (dlg.DoModal() == IDOK) 
    m_InputFile = dlg.GetPathName();
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